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Door Lever Locks

The wave style door lever lock is a unique door lever lock that uses a keyed privacy passage dummy. The dummy makes it difficult for outside forces to enter and track your door. The keyed privacy passage dummy is also anti-theft and anti-interference with the surrounding area. This fastening lock is perfect for those who want the convenience of a staple lock but the security of a dummy keyed privacy passage dummy.

Best Door Lever Locks Reviews

This is a door lever locks set up with private keyed locks and lockset handle. The set includes two keys and one key set at an event.
our door levers are made of quality privacy passage medal brass and are hand-crafted to look and feel great. Our doorsckles are brushed nickel finish and interior fastenings have a handled look and feel. Our locks are also have a variety of finish options to choose from.
the door lever locks are a type of lock that allows you to open or close a door using your hand. They are made of probrico privacy passage and have black interior door locks that allow you tolock the door from the inside. The entry locks are dummy keys that allow you to enter the home without having to go through the door.